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Egon Schiele (Tulln 1890 - Wien 1918)

Standing Woman Covering Face with Both Hands

Gouache, watercolor, and pencil on paper
44.8 x 31.4 cm

In terms of technique, this image is chiefly representative of the date it bears through Schiele’s eager use of wet-on-wet watercolour (black diluting to grey, red muddying to brown). His initial pencilled outlines now set the tone only as a palisade of long, raised fingers (their nails so emphatic we at first mistake one or two for eyes). His favoured white gouache “body halo” is here present only in fragments: to reinforce the angularity of a shoulder or an elbow, the verticality of the right contour, from neck to knee.

The figure as a whole is most formally striking in the assertiveness with which its dark column bisects the pale brown upright oblong, energised through its merest hint at a diagonal. But its more persistent appeal is to our spontaneous “fellow feeling”. We intuit the physical sensation of a body less practically “clothed” than protectively “wrapped”. And we all but conspire in the paradox of the subject’s sudden wish, implicit in her gesture, to evade the artist’s gaze, and hence our own.

Provenance: Emmanuel and Sophie Fohn - Edgar Howard Collection, USA - Serge Sabarsky Collection, New York

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