About us

It all started in the early 1980s in a student flat in the heart of Vienna. The apartment became a place where collectors and artists gathered, a venue for art events as well as being a study where we wrote dissertations about price developments on the art market.

In 1997 we took the plunge and opened a gallery in Vienna’s historic centre. The lofty vaults of Palais Hardegg – next to Café Central – provided a perfect setting for presenting works of art. In 2007 we doubled the exhibition space by extending the gallery into the adjoining rooms.

Right from the start our interest focused on classic modern artists from Austria. Over the last few years we have added international modern artists to our programme.

Publishing detailed exhibition catalogues and participating in art fairs have provided very good access to the art market over the last decade. The gallery has made a name for itself among Austrian and international art collectors as a centre on the market and as a resource for information.

We look forward to your visit!

Eberhard Kohlbacher
Alois M. Wienerroither