Koloman Moser

(1868 - Wien - 1918)
Born on 30 March 1868 in Vienna, the Austrian painter, graphic artist and artisan Koloman "Kolo" Moser is one of the most important representatives of Viennese art nouveau, as a member of the Seventh Club, the Secession Vienna and the Wiener Werkstätten. Moser's work is extraordinarily diverse, so he produces besides the painting works of ceramics, porcelain, glass, metal as well as furniture, jewelery, textiles and toys. At the age of only 50, he died of cancer in 1918 - in the same year as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Otto Wagner.
Koloman Moser studied at the Academy of Fine Arts with Franz Rumpler, Christian Griepenkerl and Josef Maria Trenkwald in 1885, and soon published his first book and magazine illustrations. Despite his early successes, he continued his studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule, where he became a teacher from 1899 onwards. From 1892 he became a member of the "Siebener-Club" group of artists, before he played a decisive role in the founding of the Secession in Vienna in 1897. Together with Klimt, Hoffmann, and Roller, he has shaped the appearance of the Secession magazine "Ver Sacrum" and appears as a designer of exhibitions, catalogs and posters. In 1903 he founded the Wiener Werkstätte together with Josef Hoffmann and Fritz Wärndorfer and designed objects of use and decoration from a wide range of materials as well as housing and business facilities. After financial difficulties, he left the Wiener Werkstätte in 1907 - two years previously he left the Secession together with the Klimt Group. From 1910, Kolo Moser increasingly turned to his original profession, painting. He paints predominantly portraits and landscapes of quite individual color, and finds himself after a long experimentation and inspired by Ferdinand Hodler to his individual style. Kolo Moser is one of the most important protagonists of the turn of the century in Vienna, as an artistic universal genius, he decisively influenced the epoch, which today makes an international impression as an Austrian modern.

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Flowers before garden fence, 1909


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Koloman Moser
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