Max Oppenheimer

(Wien 1885 - 1954 New York)
The Austrian painter, graphic artist and writer Max "Mopp" Oppenheimer was born on July 1, 1885 in Vienna. As a representative of the expressionist school, he gained great popularity, especially with his portraits, musician and orchestral performances. Among other things, he portrayed the brothers Mann, Arnold Schönberg and Arthur Schnitzler. Oppenheimer dies on 19 May 1954 in New York City.
Oppenheimer studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts from 1900 to 1903 with Christian Griepenkerl and Siegfried L'Allemand. Until 1906, he graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts with Franz Thiele and became a member of the Prague artists' association of Czech avant-garde "OSMA". In 1907 he returned to Vienna and took part in the "Kunstschau" during the two following years. In Vienna, the Viennese Expressionist movement is inspired by the works of Kokoschkas, Schieles and Gütersloh. After studying in France, Holland and Italy, he lived in Berlin from 1911, where he was promoted by the brothers Cassirer and in 1912 accepted the name MOPP. In Berlin, Oppenheimer comes into contact with Cubism, which he then embeds in his painting. In 1915 he moved to Switzerland, first to Berne, a year later to Zurich, where he took part in the Cabaret Voltaire and took part in the first DADA exhibition. From 1917-1923 he lived in Geneva, 1924/25 in Vienna and then again in Berlin. In 1932 he returned to his hometown of Vienna and emigrated to New York in 1938. In 1925, Oppenheimer became a member of the "Österreichischer Künstler", a member of the Hagenbundes, who became a member of the Vienna Secession in the year before his death.

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