Nives Widauer

(* 1965 Basel)
Nives Widauer was born in 1965 in Basel, Switzerland, and now lives and works in Vienna. Since 1989 Nives Widauer has been working with video art, installation, drawing, photography and stage design.
Nives Widauer graduated from the Basel School of Design in 1990 with a degree in audiovisual design. After first exhibitions in Switzerland, Widauer's works already attracted international attention in 1993. Her focus was on self-produced semi-documentary films. At the same time, she made live video stage sets for various theatres and opera houses. Numerous art prizes, scholarships, performances, projects and exhibitions followed. Her works have been shown at the Kunsthaus Zürich, Belvedere Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Palazzo Dei Diamanti Ferrara, Austrian Cultural Forum New York, SPSI in Shanghai and many others. Over the last thirty years Widauer has developed her cosmos in concentric circles to the point of her current works. She is constantly searching for connections between the digital and the analogue - as well as between historical influences and contemporary aspects. Found objects are fragmented and then re-contextualized. She stages them often in new installative settings.

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Portraits of 9 human Genius, born in the body of a Woman, 2019
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El Sueño de Blanca I, 2018
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venezia I – XLVII (48 Stück), 2017
not available
subculture, 2016 - 2018
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Nothing is like what the memory of it will become, 2012
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monitorlove, 1989/2007


W&K post-war & contemporary
28. January - 24. June 2022
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24. July - 26. August 2021


Nives Widauer
Archeology of Undefined Future