Pablo Picasso

(Málaga 1881 - 1973 Mougins)
The Spanish painter, graphic artist and sculptor Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born on 25th October 1881 in Málaga as the son of a freelance painter and art teacher. As a co-founder of Cubism, Picasso scarcely achieves international fame as another artist of the 20th century. During his artistic career, he created sculptures and ceramics as well as over 15,000 paintings.
At the age of 14, Picasso began to study at the art academy "La Llotja" in Barcelona, ​​before visiting the prestigious Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid for a short time in 1897. The first touches with avant-garde art were made in Barcelona in 1898 at the "Els Quatre Gats" café, the center of the Catalan Modernisme, where his first solo exhibition took place in 1900. On the occasion of the 1900 World Exhibition, Picasso travels to the Paris art metropolis and learns about impressionistic works by Cézanne, Degas and Bonnard. Another inspiration is the works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, so that city scenes emerge in vibrant colors. The death of his good friend Carlos Casagema in the year 1901, Picasso with pictures, which contain in the foreground the colors blue and green and are characterized by melancholy and melancholy - the beginning of his "blue period", which is strongly influenced by expressionism. From 1905 it is replaced by the "pink period", where beauty and ease are expressed by rosatones. During this period, his work "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", created in 1907, is the foundation of his "période nègre". From 1908 to 1912, Picasso is increasingly involved in analytical cubism and primarily creates still life, before moving from 1912 to 1916 to synthetic cubism, incorporating elements of African art. In addition to paintings, collages are also created from different materials such as wood and sand. In the following years, a stylistic juxtaposition prevailed until, from 1925 onwards, he was engaged in surrealistically inspired works, but without calling himself a surrealist. In 1937, his famous work "Guernica", which deals with the Spanish Civil War, was created. In his later work from 1945 onwards, Picasso's style changed again through his reinterpretation of the old masters. In addition to paintings Picasso creates a variety of sculptures, prints and ceramics during his artistic career. Picasso dies in Paris on April 8, 1973, following a heart attack.

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Tableau de Famille, 1964
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Resting nude, 1942-1943


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