Eduard Angeli

15. November 2017 - 28. February 2018
W&K Gallery
Strauchgasse 2 | W&K Galerie
opening hours
Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm
Venice is the central theme in Eduard Angeli's artistic work. Since 2004, the artist has been living and working mainly in the Italian lagoon city. Angeli avoids the tourist crowded places and gives us an empty and distant picture in his paintings and works on paper. Time seems frozen, squares, courtyards, lagoons full of solitude. The sumptuous splendour of the buildings gives way to a strict geometric structure of the architectural. The segments of the building are almost abstractly formed on the visual level. The artist seems to have measured Venice in a strict objectivity. Think of the icy melancholy in the painting of the New Objectivity between the wars or the stage-like surreal places in the paintings of Pittura Metafisica. A certain melancholic atmosphere envelops Angelis's works, the austerity is animated - winding lanes, canals, the Lido, the arsenal as a place of longing for silence and loneliness.

In addition to the pictures with their architecturally urban character, the seaside pieces form the central part of the Venetian works. Usually it is puristic, empty compositions that alternate between landscape and abstract colour field. A horizontal zone connects and separates water and sky - a sunset in the lagoon, Santo Spirito in fog and at night. Topographical elements and figurines are omitted in favour of pure painting. Despite the formal minimalism, there is a romantic pulsation, the lake becomes a mental place of peace and quiet.

Impressions of our vernissage can be found here