Hans Kupelwieser

19. June - 28. October 2020
W&K Palais
Renngasse 4 | 1010 Wien
opening hours
Wednesday 1-8pm and by appointment
Hans Kupelwieser
The concept of sculpture of Hans Kupelwieser, who was born in 1948 in Lunz am See (Lower Austria) and lives in Vienna, developed initially at the University of Applied Arts, where he studied with the art and media theorists Bazon Brock and Peter Weibel. A characteristic of his work is defined by his approach to the use of different materials, media and functions. He also works with photograms and photography as well as with furniture sculptures and inflatable aluminium sculptures (gonflables). At the interface between art and architecture Kupelwieser developed the Seebühne in Lunz, which was awarded the Austrian Baupreis (Austrian Construction Price) in 2005. He deals with writing as well as with digital media or computer animation, formulates his works in paper, metal, plastic, concrete, rubber, glass and plexiglass. The works of Hans Kupelwieser are represented in numerous national and international collections.

We have a long friendship with Hans Kupelwieser. In summer 2019 we presented his sculptures at the Kunstsalon Salzburg. An essential aspect of his work is the close relationship between picture, image and object. In addition to the sculptures, we also show photograms in our exhibition. Quote H.K. "I force the relationships and interactions and demonstrate that there are different manifestations - one could also say different states of aggregation - for all objects". We are now very pleased to be able to present an exhibition at W&K Palais. Although the exhibition covers 30 years of his artistic oeuvre, the main focus is on recent works.