Jakob Gasteiger

26. February - 10. June 2020
W&K Palais
Renngasse 4 | 1010, Wien
opening hours
By appointment
Jakob Gasteiger
Jakob Gasteiger lives and works in Vienna and the Weinviertel. As a representative of Analytical Painting, he is interested in pure, unadulterated painting that breaks through visual habits. In his works he deals with the transitions between graphics, painting and sculpture, but excludes any metaphysical orientation for himself.

In the working process, a comb putty is used to create a relief-like structure on the canvas. The colour is used here as a material and less as a carrier of meaning. Gasteiger began with monochrome structure pictures, often with muted colours. He also uses materials that are usually used for sculptures, such as glass, iron or aluminium powder. He always analyses the medium of painting. In 2018 Gasteiger expands his palette to include neon colours. The medium varies as well as the colouring. In addition to canvases, the paint is also applied to MDF boards, which are processed in the form of discs. Here the application and the structuring either enter into a counterpoint to the picture or take up the form of the disc again. Unique in its composition, the exhibition offers an insight into Gasteiger's analytical painting and unites the broad spectrum of his oeuvre.

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