W&K Online Exhibition

Holiday Edition 2019

20. November 2019 - 31. January 2020
W&K Galerie
Strauchgasse 2 | 1010 Wien
opening hours
Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 11am to 2 pm
The W&K Online-Exhibition series presents a variety of artists and art movements in the programm of W&K - Wienerroither & Kohlbacher. Two times a year, selected aspects of Austrian and international art history are arranged. In winter 2019/2020 this online format will be realized for the first time with works by Eduard Angeli, Kurt Kocherscheidt and Walter Vopava.

Eduard Angeli
Pure silence returns the right measure to the world
The oeuvre of the Austrian artist Eduard Angeli contains both melancholic moods and colourful plays of light. His central concern is figurative art - he illuminates the relics of human activity. He lives and works in Vienna and Venice, the latter city is often found as a motif in his works, these often have a certain emptiness. Perspective and atmosphere captivate the viewer. In addition to numerous awards and international exhibition projects, the retrospective at the Albertina Vienna 2017, the exhibition at the Museo Correr Venedig 2008 and at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere 2003 are particularly noteworthy.

Kurt Kocherscheidt
Reduction and Radicality
At the beginning of his artistic career, Kurt Kocherscheidt mainly dealt with the depiction of landscapes and later found his own style with his powerfully painted geometric figures. While Kocherscheidt initially used various mixed techniques for his works, he shifted to oil painting in 1978. The oil paint could be processed longer than acrylic paint. In this way he was able to work in several phases and apply the various layers of paint partly mixing and partly completely covering each other. In his late work, every narrative moment is erased and replaced by archaic forms. A development leads to a radicalism that can hardly be surpassed.

Walter Vopava
Purely Painting
Walter Vopava drives the idea of transformation. Nature and environment, figure and architecture, the whole world of the optical appearance still serves him as a model at the beginning of his work, but he emancipates himself from this figurative pretext and devotes himself to his central theme - painting itself. Since the 1990s he has been creating individual forms with a neutral character, which he arranges into a coherent picture whole. The scope for every abstract painter today is narrow, but Vopava knows how to use it and to implement it with great skill. Heavy, black blocks of paint determine Vopava's works and enter into a dialogue with light forms, partly overlapping, partly staggered or layered. For the observer, this creates a balance of power in which the boundaries of the picture are simultaneously dissolved by floating forms.

The works can be viewed by appointment at the W&K Gallery, Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna.
Price information in the catalogue or on request at office@w-k.art